Wardrobes Manufacturer in Dubai

We fabricate and manufacture wardrobes in a varied choices of PVC, Natural Veneer and Melamine Laminated doors with rust resistance and corrosion resistance at finest quality in all shapes, sizes, colors and can customized the designs as per the client requirements. Our products are best to protect your home from humidity, dust, noise, cold and insects.

These doors are elegantly designed with scratch resistance. They have a perfect dimensional accuracy. Therefore, you can fix in easily and perfectly.

The doors are finely polished with smooth edges. They are moreover of highest strength giving more durability. You can easily clean the doors and they are termite proof.

  • Carcass and shelves are made of 18mm thickness white color melamine MDF Board and 6mm thickness white paper hard for back panel includes edges and to be covered with PVC leaping with hot glued 0.4mm
  • Shutters made of 18 mm thickness white color melamine recessed with route design and PVC thermoplastic 0.4m thickness.