Urinal Partition In Uae

Urinal Partitions

Men’s washroom is well defined with 13 mm. thick HPL panel design with the highest consideration of clients’ requirements. These panels provide complete privacy along with maintaining hygiene, safety and healthy atmosphere. The solid urinal panels are attractive, strong, durable, and easy to maintain and provide unlimited design flexibility as one can choose from a wide range of design, colors, and sizes.

Product Features

HPL Urinal Partition Panel has cleanliness, is attractive as well as strong and durable to hold up the urinal in between.

As easy to maintain mounting configuration and are offered in various shapes with an aesthetic view. In addition to the strength and service ability of the phenol urinal panel, there is also a wide range of colors and it provides almost unlimited design flexibility.

The standard panel total height is 900 - 1,250 mm; width of 400-600 mm; and gap of the divider from floor is 100 mm.

Material Guide of Solid Compact Laminated

  • Decor paper impregnated with melamine resin
  • Black phenol core composed of layers of resin impregnated with kraft paper
  • Decor paper impregnated with melamine resin. It is vandal resistant, high performing, self-supporting solid grade laminate with two decorative faces and a block core offering exceptional resistance to impact and moisture. Particularly suitable for use in wet areas and humid conditions where hygiene and ease of maintenance is essential.

Suitable Applications

  • Shower areas
  • Sports Stadia
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure Areas
  • Swimming Pools
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Camp Sites
  • Public Areas

Cubicle Ranges

  • Color : Standard colors are beige, grey and off-white. Other colors are upon selection
  • Thickness : Standard – 13mm and 25mm
  • Manufacturer : Mica, Malaysia, India and Spain