Integrated Plumbing System

Integrated Plumbing System (IPS)

HPD offers Integrated Plumbing System (IPS) for all environments to suit all of your site requirements. Our IPS unit is our cost-effective solution. It is the first made-to-measure pre-plumbed cubicle format in UAE. Our factory-made IPS panel range includes a unique click-fix mechanism for quick and easy assembly and factory-fitted sanitary ware.

We designed our IPS to offer maximum flexibility in both wet and dry environment. It is the first integrated plumbing system to feature click-fix assembly onto galvanized steel frame and our IPS panels offer a flexible, cost-effective solution which works well in all commercial sectors. Key features include a unique cold rolled ultra-steel frame, factory-fitted pre-plumbed sanitary ware, five panel material options, ultimate color flexibility, increased product longevity and a factory-tested guarantee of quality.

It is designed to be installed in just easy steps and reducing the need for specialist on site skills. We give an ideal standard flexibility to choose industry leading products to complement your washroom. It is essential that the design of a building facilitates good infection prevention and control practices. That quality and design of finishes and fittings enable access, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance to take place.

Our IPS units are all built with these specific details in mind ensuring that materials are easy to clean with hygienic tight fittings so there is no room for bacteria to multiply.